Are you experiencing health challenges or feeling disconnected from the full vitality of life?

Allow yourself to live life fully by knowing that which makes you weak, and choosing what makes you thrive.  Navigating these choices can be difficult and frustrating.  Illness is often a mystery as it can creep up slowly and be like a haze that separates you from the life you desire.

Working with patients, I assist in this navigation to create the road map back to health.  Utilizing not only lab reports and testing, but also the subtle signs the body offers to understand the core imbalance.  Combining tools from ancient traditions and modern science I am able to build a treatment plan that is successful and doable.  Beyond illness, supporting the journey of optimal health takes us farther than we ever thought possible; thinking with greater clarity, living with more presence and existing to our fullest capacity.

Trained as a primary care physician, I am specialized in treating digestive illness, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, toxicity issues, cancer treatment support and depression.  I especially enjoy the opportunity to work with children and families and see people through all the ages and phases of life.

Questions about Naturopathic or Chinese medicine, or curious to see if these tools could help you?  I am happy to help assist your journey in health.

April is Autism Awareness Month!family

Today in America, 1 in 68 kids fits the criteria of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Despite all the theories about how and why, this increasing trend is occurring around the world, changing the way we consider meeting the needs of children and communities.

Every parent is challenged with the role of guiding and protecting their child. In some cases, the behavior is so extreme that medical evaluation is appropriate. As a parent, it can be incredibly confusing to know when are behaviors normal, and when is it worth seeking help.

Stephanie was a unique child from the start. Born overseas while adventurous parents were traveling the world, her passport had more stamps in it by the time she could walk than many adults ever accumulate. As she approached preschool age and her family settled into a more typical west-coast lifestyle, some of her quirky behaviors became concerning.

The autism spectrum includes a collection of neurological and social difficulties children and adults encounter, with a wide range of severity. While behavioral challenges are expected at different times of life, often times exploration is helpful. While ASD is categorized as a psychiatric illness, it is well established that ASD is a whole system issue. Like all of the complex health issues, an integrative, personalized approach proves to offer the best treatment options.

In the majority of cases, children with ASD will appear to have normal behavior and development until around the age of 3, or until the time of a significant emotional or biological stressor. People with ASD tend to have genetic variations in their bodies processing of substances otherwise considered to be harmless. This can include the bodies own neurotransmitters, medications, environmental toxins, vaccinations, illnesses and other immune assaults.

Stephanie’s first attempt at pre-school only seemed to enhance her difficulties. She preferred to play alone and as a child with much older siblings, this was the norm at home. But in a school environment she tried all day to isolate herself from the group, getting into trouble by hiding out. She also was used to spending as much time as she wanted exploring one or two toys or concepts. The quick change in activities at school became extremely frustrating to her. Outbursts were unreasonable and teachers couldn’t handle her in the classroom.

Home schooling was attempted and while the environment was able to suit her preferences more, the difficulties with parents grew. She started developing peculiar ticks, awkward movements and uncooperative behavior. Stephanie was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, now considered a part of the Autism Spectrum.

Recently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSMV) for physicians has been updated from its previous generation. This manual establishes the criteria for diagnosing psychiatric and behavioral disorders. These updates are to incorporate the ever-evolving understanding of health and disease into the medical system.

As the medical world gains greater understanding, ASD options in treatment have rapidly expanded. Neurological irritation is a theme in ASD. Enhancing the bodies elimination of components that contribute to irritation can be significantly helpful. Supporting the nervous system’s ability to calm and relax can allow the person the ease to engage more comfortably with the world.

Stephanie came to my office with parents desperate for better news. Receiving the diagnosis of ASD can feel like a life sentence, as treatment options in allopathic medicine are scarce. From a Naturopathic perspective, I assessed the possibilities of the root cause of her struggle and began a treatment plan geared toward enhancing liver function and balancing neurotransmitters with natural medicine.

3 months later, Stephanie was functioning so much better. She was engaging with his family with minimal complaints,s he was enjoying a wider array of activities and he was able to return to school. What had initially seemed like a life-long struggle was now understood as a different need for support with specific lifestyle choices.

For more information on how natural medicine tools can benefit you, please visit Stillwater Clinic in Lyons today! We are happy to be a unique resource for the whole health of the individual, family and community. Stop by today for natural medicine resources, herbs, tinctures and enjoy our infrared sauna for maximum detoxification support

(At Stillwater Clinic, we respect everyone who comes to us for help. So while the stories are true, client names and identifying information has been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.)

It is probably true that if you take any given person and send them to a tropical island removing all of their responsibilities they will probably feel great.  Stress is a major contributing factor to illness and unhappiness.  It is the single most consistent factor that decreases lifespan and contributes to premature death and disease.


Stress undermines our ability to think rationally, make positive choices and experience joy in the simple things of life.  Stress impairs our digestive capacity, our normal cellular regeneration and increases aging.  While some stress is unavoidable, our bodies are not designed to endure long-term stress without being compromised.

Give your body a break with these simple tools for stress management:

Establish a solid routine of good habits.  Every organ in the body thrives with routine.  If we don’t have to anticipate chaos, even in the cells of the body we can settle into trust and rest a little easier.

  • Start your day right – your stress hormones will be established for the day by how your morning goes.
  1. Wake peacefully without sirens or alarms.
  2. Consume a balanced breakfast.  Adequate protein and vegetables are essential to support blood sugar, a main contributor to metabolic stress.
  3. Hydrate well in the morning to support optimal brain function and stress management throughout the day.
  • Pace Yourself – respect your bodies needs for how long you can endure different activities of the day such as: sitting and concentrating, using the computer or physical labor.  Vary your day according to what works best for you.


  • When you feel tired, rest.  People who nap tend to perform better intellectually and manage their stress better.  Plus it resets the nervous system to create a healthy baseline.


  • Exercise everyday.  Gentle movement increases circulation to the body organs and brain and can help recover from stress.
  1. Cardiovascular exercise – high impact activity can be the cure if the body is troubled by stagnation and toxicity.  However, if hormones are compromised significantly elevating the heart rate can create more stress than relief.
  2. Gentle movement encourages relaxation and normal digestion.  Ideal for those who are burning the candle and may have hormone or adrenal imbalance.


  • Mind your breath.  When we bring attention to our breathing, we activate one of the most amazing features of the human body.  Conscious breathing impacts all the organs of the body and greatly influences the nervous system.
  1. Remind yourself to breath.  Setup cues for yourself to tune into your breathing.  Maybe it’s every time you come to a stop sign, you take a deep breath.  Maybe it’s a timer on your computer desktop so every hour you take 10 deep breaths.
  2. Deep full breathing calms the mind.  Whenever you catch yourself feeling emotional and reactive, deep breathing can greatly facilitate the gentle release of emotion.


  • Go to bed on time!  There is a saying that every hour of sleep before midnight counts for 2 hours and the best restoration is between 10pm and 2am.  The human body generally needs 8 hours of sleep to maintain health.  The compromised body may need 9-12 hours sleep to restore health.


  • Take vacations.  Nothing gives us a better sense at the challenges we’re living with than stepping completely out of our normal routines and into another, less demanding one.  Vacations are great not just for visiting relatives, but to give yourself an opportunity to truly reset your daily rhythm.


Can’t afford to get out of town?  Try a stay-cation instead.  Choose a day or weekend when you can truly put your chores and stress aside. Pretend you’re brand new to the area and seeing your town and environment for the first time.  Take advantage of the many free or low-cost tourist attractions in your region and you’ve got all the comforts of home.

Employ help in keeping your body well!  Friends are important to share ideas and support.  But there’s nothing like having helpers that are there for you anytime you book an appointment.  Make routine use of counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, spa services and more to keep your body healthy, especially during times of stress.

Utilize medical tools to catch imbalances early.  If you’re feeling worn-out or experiencing symptoms of stress such as fatigue, insomnia, body aches, digestive disturbance, brain fog or mood instability, seek help sooner than later.

Naturopathic medicine offers sophisticated evaluation of endocrine health, digestive function, neurotransmitter function and more.  It’s much easier to improve symptoms of health imbalance when they arise, rather than enduring them for years until they become something far worse.

For more information about tools for your health, visit my blog at www.harthealingarts.com or stop by my office at 304 Main Street, Unit C in Lyons Colorado.  We offer a wide array of essential tools for supporting your optimal health and wellness and look forward to being a resource for you!

Soul Song

Inspiration, passion, sentiment and connection.  There is so much to express in our life’s journeys.  Nothing shares so deeply as our voices.  The amount of joy in a full on belted out vocal expression can be enough to capture the hearts of millions, again and again.

Finding our voice and feeling the freedom to express can be a lifelong challenge.  But even if just in the shower, or driving in the car we get to let loose and let ourselves sing,  the moment can be transformative.

Make full use of the powerful diaphragm in your body, let your lungs fully expand and then release with whatever amount of tension you want those vocal cords to use.  Sometimes we’ve just got a hum, but I remember picking up sea glass with my Grandmother while she hummed an eternal tune and that was pure tranquility.  Other times the glorious Grito Mexicana longest ever yell is just what we need…

Like so many amazing musicians, Nahko shares the message of his heart and pairs such natural beauty with it as well.  Thank you for this expression…


It’s a perfect day when you wake up naturally without an alarm or anyone screaming at you.  To arise fully rested and rather than feel hit by a mound of responsibilities the day has for you, stretch your arms leisurely and yawn.  Pondering with a gentle inquisition, “hmmm, what do I feel like doing today?”  When fresh vital foods are all that you crave so you make yourself a gorgeous meal to start your day.

It’s a perfect day when you find vigorous exercise is a welcome and natural component of the day’s rhythm.  When you feel creative, successful and spend more time laughing than crying.  And when you allow your energy to naturally flux, enjoying when it’s high and resting when it dips.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day were perfect.  Instead, we deal with the imperfections of life and do our best.  Juggling schedules, deadlines, desires, responsibilities and more.  We accommodate and we compromise.  We settle for a quick easy meal.  We skimp on sleep.  Some reach for substances to give an extra push to the days flow and over time, find it essential.

Any day can be a perfect day.  No matter what we juggle, we can (almost) always make the choice to prioritize our needs and peace of mind.  It will certainly look different from one person to the next on what makes a perfect day.  Sustainably respecting the body’s needs is #1.  If you’re caught in a cycle of using substances to boost your energy, here are some things to consider: 

The most common vices:

-       Caffeine:  A favorite across the world. This substance has a phenomenal ability to quicken the brain, sharpen the senses and lift the mood.  While daily use limits the perception of its impact, dramatic variation in dosage makes it quite clear.  While this substance has usefulness in moderation, its daily use can be detrimental exhausting adrenal function.  Accelerated aging, increased acidity and inflammation can result.


Alternates:  Get more sleep!  If you love the flavor, stick with Organic Decaf coffee.  Swiss water processing provides a non-toxic flavorful alternative that minimizes the negative impact to the body.  Use a form of creamer and drink it only with a full stomach and it might even be good for you.  If you love the ritual enjoy herbal tonic formulas instead!  Ashwaganda, Eleuthero, Maca root and many others may be just right for you.  Come to Stillwater to learn more.

-       Sugar:  Refined sugar has no beneficial quality to the human body.  It is more a toxin than a food and yet it has permeated our food supply so thoroughly that it takes significant effort to avoid it 100%.  Humans are biologically engineered to have a powerful affinity to this substance.  As our bodies break down complex molecules into simple sugars as food for the cells, the refined version enters so rapidly it creates detrimental effects through gylcosylation.  The diabetic process of tissue deterioration leading to blindness, dementia and amputation are harsh and vivid realities.


Alternates:  When craving sugar between meals, your body likely needs protein or fat to provide long-lasting fuel.  When craving sugar after meals, your body likely needs digestive support.  Try a digestive enzyme instead.  When craving sugar for emotional comfort, you likely need to get more hugs.  Put on the sign that says “Free Hugs” and go visit a big city or music festival.

-       Alcohol:  Used across cultures as far as human history tracks, we as a species have an intimate history with alcohol.  Alcohol is a by-product of the natural biological process of fermentation.  As with all things, dosage is everything.  When fermented vegetables produce alcohol and a jar of pickles from the autumn is eaten in late spring, everyone feels happy.  Yet somehow, when a fifth of refined liquor is consumed, people die.  The toxic shock of direct alcohol to cells is no doubt harmful.  Dulls reactions, deadens the senses and liberates the soul from the body.


Alternates:  The fermented bubbly drinks can have advantages, when they’re alcohol minimal.  Try home-made water kefir or dairy if it suits you.  Kombucha, Beet Kavas, Jun and more.  Every traditional diet has some form of fermented beverage, capturing the vital probiotic cultures in a variety of interesting flavors.  When you’re stuck in a cycle of routine alcohol use, your body likely needs increased exercise and hydration.

- Substance Use:  This list goes on and on.  Everyone has a variety of favorites and nothing in excess supports the balance of health.  If you are troubled with addiction and substance use of any intensity, seek help.   If you are troubled by too many demands on yourself, seek help.  Mental health counseling, Naturopathic and Chinese medicine can be life-savers and game changers for how we juggle our life’s routines and needs.

Chemistry is amazing. We have so much to enjoy as a result of human innovation and the excess use of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and more.  Everyday people push themselves harder than is reasonable to accomplish a day’s work.  Yet, we are all subject to the basic principles of life.  The fact is, cells function better in a harmonious environment.  There are landscapes where life grows easy and thrives.  This too, is like the human body.

In pursuit of one perfect day after the next, know this; when there is low inflammation and a gentle alkaline environment cells replicate easy.  Muscles and tissues circulate fluidly and feel great.  When blood sugar is balanced by the strength of the will and pancreas, a steady stream of energy enters the cells.  This keeps cognition even and the emotions stable.  Not to mention preventing excess cellular damage and XYZ disease….  When the liver is free of excess toxins, it is better able to keep the body balanced.  It prevents all chronic diseases and supports a long, passionate life.  May you all be comfortable in your skin, happy in your life and peaceful in your spirit. 


This article was published in the Lyons Recorder newspaper in response to the massive floods that destroyed the town in the fall of 2013…


First there was the flood, then there were the decisions every person made to survive.  For most people, these were very different decisions than those made weeks and even days prior.  Instead of, “What should we have for dinner tonight,” it became “What is going to go bad the quickest that we need to eat first,” or “Where will I get my next meal?”

With the community bonding together, spirits were high, perhaps even manic.  The initial trauma of a natural disaster or other tragedy sends neurotransmitters and stress hormones sky-rocketing.  The experience becomes almost euphoric and provides the much needed additional resources (mentally, emotionally and physically) to sustain.

One by one the utilities went out, everyone was asked to leave.  Everyone experienced hardship of one kind or another; abruptly relocating to new homes, learning a new way to live and creating new routines.  The crisis continued to require everyone to rise to an unanticipated challenge and endure.

Then, the holidays came.  The season of joy, full of traditions deeply engrained and expectations to fulfill.  While some residents had returned to their homes, others were far from it and the switch to now celebrating holidays required a whole new energy burst to come through.  For some this was a relief, reconnecting with loved one’s and returning to faith.  However, the inevitable indulgences built into the holiday traditions flood the body with stimulating substances more likely to cause irritation than restoration.

For many residents of Lyons and the surrounding community, life has now settled into a new normal.  The stress is still elevated but it’s become routine and the expectation to tend to it all continues.  Despite the river’s worth of work to be done to restore this community, there is only so much anyone can do and eventually, something’s got to give.

Routine self-care is essential to maintaining health and longevity.  During times of life’s ease, simply sleeping 7-8 hours each night and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can be adequat.  However, when faced with 5 months or more of unfathomable challenges, the body, mind and spirit are going to need a lot more care in order to maintain.

The normal, healthy balance of life is integrally related to the cortisol or circadian rhythm of the body.  In the morning, cortisol levels peak as we rise naturally to meet our day’s activity.  This cortisol peak works intimately with all the other neurotransmitters of the brain supporting the ability to think, learn, remember and feel good!  The normal cortisol rhythm naturally drops through the day, elevates slightly after our midday meal and descends gently into the evening.

Cortisol also shares a very close relationship with our reproductive hormones and thyroid gland influencing all aspects of metabolism.  When we experience stress, the body adjusts by elevating cortisol in order to respond.  However, this is meant to be a brief change, not something that continues long term.  With stress, eventually cortisol levels drop, unable to rise to meet the challenge of the day and overall metabolism begins to fail.

Symptoms of chronic stress include:

  • Weight Gain
  • Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep)
  • Poor digestion & nutrient assimilation
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased immune function – more frequent colds or increasing allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Increased inflammation
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Slower reflex time, poor balance and clumsiness
  • Irrational behavior
  • Progression of chronic disease

Managing stress is one of the biggest challenges to health in our modern lives.  As a very intellectually oriented society, the needs of the body are easy to overlook.  We compensate with any of the readily available stimulants and press on through our days.  Eventually this inevitably catches up with us.

We’re not going to be able to avoid the stress in our lives, especially in Lyons.  But, we can counteract the challenges with stress-relieving tools.  Learning to care for our energy resevoir through lifestyle changes when we are under stress is key.  Using direct acting nervous system support is invaluable.

At Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic we have a wide array of tools both to assess and care for long lasting health.  Taking from traditions around the world, we utilize the best that medicine has to offer in conjunction with standard medical care.  We are now offering a unique opportunity for routine, affordable healthcare with our greatly reduced rates bundled in our Membership Program.  Please visit www.stillwaterhealingarts.com to learn more today!

It’s 2014, and unless you live in Oregon, Washington or Vermont, your insurance based healthcare is NOT going to keep you well.

As much as I cringe at the analogy of our bodies being like cars, people inevitably think of themselves that way all the time.  The squeeky wheel gets ignored until it’s a screaming or debilitating pain.

We pay for car insurance and know it’s going to be there when we crash (after paying our deductible).  But, we don’t expect car insurance to wash our windows, vacuum the interior, change the tires, the oil, the belts or even cover our annual tune-ups to see how things might be deteriorating within.

Health insurance is not much different in most states.  It will help out with emergency room visits, basic screenings for life-threatening illnesses (PAPs, prostate exams and mammograms for cancer, bone density screenings for osteoporosis, etc…)  And it usually covers an annual exam to check for hypertension, monitor growth and BMI and provide medications that treat the symptoms.

Unfortunately, our current medical model misses out on how to keep people healthy.  While pharmaceutical medications are necessary in many circumstances, supporting health naturally so we don’t need them or improving health while we’re on them so we only need them short-term is ideal.  It’s no fault of modern Doctors, its the larger systems emphasis on drugs and surgery as the only medicinal tools.

Most of the current drug safety information is based on short-term controlled trials and the harm of utilizing medications is always acknowledged in their litany of side effects.  As research continues, we learn of previously unknown harmful effects from long-term or combined medication use. 

Fortunately, humans have been living a very long time and we have an immense history of health and vitality to learn from traditions around the world.  Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American medicine, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophical medicine, Western herbalism and the European Eclectic physicians are among my favorites.

With Naturopathic medicine, we are able to address the foundation of imbalances and improve our health over time from a truly integrated perspective.   It’s the journey of a lifetime, not a one stop shop!  With ancient systems, we learn what our bodies need, where are weaknesses are and how to improve ourselves day by day.  With modern science we get detailed information on changes and stats of organ function.  Naturopathic medicine is the most comprehensive medical training in holistic medical assessment from both perspectives.  For details on educational curriculum, check this comparison out:  Nat-Med-Ed-Comp-Curricula

At Stillwater, I want to support the community in their long-term health.  Trained as a holistic primary care provider, my goal is to not only address the current symptoms and diagnosis (working in conjunction with your other physicians, medications and insurance system) but to be your guide and ally in your health journey toward optimal vitality.  I believe in making the best use of tools from all systems of healthcare and healing.  It’s 2014, shouldn’t we have it all?

I have created a Membership program to provide people with an affordable addition to their routine healthcare costs.  Plans range from $25. per month to $150. depending upon the intensity of need for change.  These rates are significantly reduced in my effort to assist the revitalization of Lyons after our devastating flood last fall.

Whether you’re passionate about maintaining the health you’ve got, you recognize your health is lacking by a sense of something’s not right or you have a serious diagnosis contact me to find out which package is right for you.  If you’re in a place to support the health of the Lyons community in a more direct way, consider making a donation to this program to sponsor a patient in need.

Our 2014 membership plans include:

       Basic Care – $25./month or $300./year ($555. value)

  • Naturopathic annual health evaluation & treatment plan
Three acute care appointments for illness or injury
  • 6 shared-use visits to the foot spa & infrared sauna

This package is intended for individuals who have good health, who wish to keep it that way with annual evaluations of what’s going on under the surface.  It also allows for 3 visits for illness, injury or other changes that need focused support.  (Acute care visits may include acupuncture, bodywork, hydrotherapy or other services).

6 visits to the infrared sauna are available throughout the year to give the body a boost either with an annual cleanse, illness or just relaxation.  (Ideal package for pediatric patients, spa visits can be utilized by parents!)

        Intermediate Care
 – $50./month or $600./year ($1005. value)

  • Seasonal comprehensive health evaluation & treatment plans
  • Three acupuncture or acute care appointments
  • 6 private visits to the foot spa and infrared sauna

This package is intended for individuals who want a closer eye on their health with 4 quarterly comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans.  Ideal for individuals with low-grade or controlled health issues such as; asthma, allergies, headaches, intermittent digestive challenges, PMS, controlled auto-immune disease, cancer relapse prevention, and others.  This package may also serve as a minimum care plan for complex health challenges with financial challenges.

This package is ideal for individuals who are traveling a distance to come to Lyons.  Make your quarterly visit a full spa-like experience with 90 minutes of spa treatment and your 60 minutes + for the Doctor appointment.

       Treatment Focused Package – 
$100./month or $1200./year ($2430. value)

  • Naturopathic annual health evaluation & treatment plan
  • Twice monthly treatment sessions (Acupuncture, Bodywork or Hydrotherapy)
Add on twice monthly sauna and foot spa for additional $25/month.

This package is suited for individuals who may be in optimal health but utilize their bodies intensively and want to keep things tip-top, such as; athletes, performers, dancers, yoga instructors, builders, farmers and those who know the personal value of routine care.

It also serves patients who have chronic health challenges that know what they need, either via our recommendation or personal preference.  For example, ADD/ADHD treatment, emotional health with 5-element acupuncture, chronic pain as well as progressive, degenerative conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinsons disease or immune disorders such as Hepatitis or HIV.  This is also the package recommended for macular degeneration treatment.

Comprehensive Healthcare
 – $150./month = $1800./year ($2835. value)

  • Monthly comprehensive Naturopathic with Acupuncture appointments
  • Monthly private visits to the infrared sauna and japanese foot spa
  • 6 Additional acute illness or injury appointments.

This package is suited towards individuals with uncontrolled health challenges who are in need of comprehensive evaluation and treatment.  This commitment will be necessary for successful treatment of conditions such as; menopausal transition, adrenal fatigue, infertility, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

This package serves as the foundation for natural cancer treatment support and holistic addiction recovery.  However, more support may be necessary depending upon diagnosis and evaluation.

All Programs Include:
20% discount on additional appointments.
Discounts to classes and health topic specific lectures and events.
Email and phone support with our Dr. Hart.
Annual Membership – automatic payment required with 12 month contract.
We can customize any plan to meet your needs and budget.
Discounts for additional family members!

Questions?  Feedback?  Curiosity?  I’d love to hear from you!

The tides are changing, and so can your healthcare coverage!  The new legislation is creating ripples of changes across the country.  Some of these are improvements and others not so much.  However, the system is in flux and you as the consumer now have more of a voice than ever in asking for what you want from your insurance provider.

Listen to this interview on how you can have Naturopathic Doctors provide you with the most comprehensive, first line care for your health.  Before health issues become a crisis they can effectively be managed with natural medicine.  This elevates your baseline state of health and steers you away from chronic disease.  When health is in crisis, using tools from all systems of medicine can provide a gentler road to recovery.


Naturopathic Doctors are the most thoroughly trained professionals in integrative medicine.  At the foundation of our education, we emphasize the individual’s need for life’s balance.  Considering the patients unique blend of genetics, dietary needs, life stressors and desires to create treatment programs to support the whole person.


For more information, visit the following links:

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians:  http://www.naturopathic.org/

American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:  http://www.aaaomonline.org/

Find local help with the new insurance changes:  https://localhelp.healthcare.gov/