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Sometimes life unravels itself and everything you once knew to be true, changes. Your daily routine, the place you call home or the people you spend time with. Loss takes many forms and when we lose someone or something we love, we have to find a new way of life.

Adapting to Colorado’s flood last year has been a major life transition for so many along the front range. For some it is the biggest trauma of their lives. A sudden traumatic change often requires everything to change. The way we plan out our day, or do things automatically all of a sudden doesn’t work anymore.

Losing a child, partner, friend or parent changes us in our core. Our reflexive nature to tend to a loved one or reach out is altered. The daily routine has a major missing piece, without which we often don’t know what to do. As the needs of life continue to go on, we begin to plug away at the tasks at hand and feel an unsettled-ness continue. The process of grieving takes time, attention and then more time. As we resume life after a major event, there’s no wrong way to feel.


Anytime you are going through a loss or life transition, support is necessary. Having someone to share the process with or just reflect. As well as supporting ones-self with a positive routine, using tools to help the journey continue to move along. Health is defined as being able to move freely through the entirety of the emotional spectrum, and then return to the peaceful center. There are a million ways to help do that.

Coming soon in your local area, Finding Home, a women’s self-care retreat is being offered to support those in need. Founded by Boulder practitioner Carolyn Flyer to give women the tools they need to more authentically move through grief and loss. And restoring women’s internal voice that supports their ability to nourish and say yes to themselves.

Beyond the acute care of grief, this program is designed to support the long-term assimilation of life’s changes. With the combination of Naturopathic care, emotional healing techniques and wisdom from Chinese medicine, Carolyn and I are working together to create a wonderful healing retreat.

This retreat will offer tools to restore the inner voice that guides us toward meeting our own needs. We will explore the emotions that accompany loss, not the story that keeps us from feeling it authentically. The program incorporates acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, qigong, meditation & intuitive readings. All of this and more will make up your weekend with myself and my co-facilitator, Carolyn.

In 2001 Carolyn began working with ‘There With Care,’ a Boulder based support program for children and families facing critical illnesses. She continued to expand her work in grief support and is now a facilitator for the “Grief Support Network” in Boulder. The group allows people to bring their grief to a supportive environment in Boulder. They also bring phenomenal speakers to the Adi Shakti Kundalini Yoga Center on Sundays from 3-5pm.

Our upcoming retreat is August 22-24 in beautiful Fraser, Colorado. For information on registration, please call 303-928-9134 or email CarolynFlyer@hotmail.com. Financial support packages available to support any woman who feels in need of this program.

Dr. Sara Hart is the owner of Stillwater Healing Arts in Lyons, Colorado next door to the Dentist and Lyons Fitness. At Stillwater, we offer holistic family healthcare for all ages and stages of health. We incorporate tools from many traditions to find the best balance to support people in their optimal health as well as for treating disease. Visit us online at www.stillwaterhealingarts.com, call us at 303-823-9355 or email stillwaterclinic@gmail.com.

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Whether you are a new Mom, a Mom to be or a healthcare professional hoping to offer new tools to support Moms and families, I invite you to join me for an informative and explorative group.

We will explore different aspects of life and the human body that are challenged during the amazing process of childbirth and explore ways to support them.

The adrenal glands – how to naturally restore the body and support baby’s growth
The heart connection – allowing the love to flourish and maintaining openness
The digestive system – nourishment for the whole family, meeting many needs
The nervous system – establishing routine to create a peaceful, happy environment

When: This class will take place on Friday 12/9 from 12pm to 3pm
Location: Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic,  2516 Broadway Street, Boulder, CO
Cost: Sliding scale $30-60. pay what you can afford.

For information and to register, please contact Dr. Hart by;
phone: 303-351-1152
email: dr.sarahart@gmail.com
visit: http://www.harthealingarts.com
schedule: www.schedulicity.com

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Start your year off creating a personalized path to Optimal Living!

This class will include:

  • Movement inspired from yoga, qigong and dance
  • Information and plans for healthy nutrition
  • Simple home remedies for wellness throughout the year
  • Intention setting, creating daily self-care routines

January 1st and 2nd, 2011
Class time is 1-4 pm
Cost:  $30 per day or $50 for the weekend.
Kaleidescope Spa ~ 233 East Park Street Mancos, CO 81328  (click here for map)

For Q’s and registration, please email sararynhart@yahoo.com or call 503-422-3032.

25% discount if you register before 12/1 and for members of Kaleidoscope Wellness.  Also available as a holiday gift certificate for someone you love!

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