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Gerson, Hanneman, Pauling, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Lindlahr, Steiner…  The knowledge that natural systems have a vital force with the capacity to heal is nothing new in the history of medicine.  It has just been ignored. Our current medical model learns a great deal of the philosophical foundation for care from a corpse or a petri dish, taking the power of life’s mystery out of the equation.

Many of our medicines today work against the body’s core vitality rather than in support of it.  While attacking a disease may seem warranted, considering that the body knows how to do this but is deciding not to is significant.  Identifying health’s obstacles to get to the core of an imbalance and provide relief to a disgruntled system is the key to treating disease.

When given the proper building blocks, life’s vitality flourishes and the systems that were once dis-eased, can right themselves.  The healing power of nature is one of the prominent tenets of Naturopathic Medicine.  Recognizing that in our blueprint, we contain the spark of life and it has it’s own plan.

When we have what we need, we can and will thrive!

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You wake up, feel the initial surge of energy through your body only to soon realize that you’ve still got all the obstacles to face in your day today as you had yesterday.  Feeling stuck, trapped, daunted and depressed you’d rather just pull the covers back up over your head.

However, life needs us to show up, 100% and take care of whatever tasks are at hand.  Not to mention the responsibilities of careers, household needs, family obligations and hopefully leaving some space for fun and adventuring.  But when we’re stuck in a pattern, whether it be emotional or physical and usually both, everything feels impossible.

5-element acupuncture has an amazing ability to help unclog our drains, unravel our patterns and offer insight to propel our personal growth.  Whether we’re in the midst of a major life transition and can’t clearly see where we’re going, or struggling with chronic disease, the 5-element system gives us the nudges we need to keep moving forward.

This system follows the natural cycle of how energies support one another in nature and in human beings.  When our energy is stuck/blocked or we are otherwised traumatized either by routine stress or a momentary experience, we may no longer be functioning along the course that generates more energy.  How this feels internally is complex picture of fatigue, frustration, confusion, depression, anxiety or many other combinations of feelings.  In any case, we are not able to move forward and are limited to continuing to repeat our struggles.

As a physician, I have witnessed more miracles with 5-element acupuncture than with any other form of medicinal system that I know of including pharmaceuticals, nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, bodywork or chiropractic work.  All of which are also amazing in their own ways.  For more information on the 5-element system, visit http://www.wildernessacupuncture.com/5-elements, the site of my mentor and friend, David Ford, LAc.

Allow me to support your growth with 5-element acupuncture.  Now in northern Colorado in Boulder, and soon in Lyons, Colorado!

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