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Don’t think about elephants!

Words have power. They evoke imagery which evokes emotion which creates the story of who we are and how we arrived at this moment.

Every disease process has a story, a struggle, a deficiency and

an excess. Sometimes telling this story is what helps unravel the details and take it apart. Rarely does ignoring the story do any good. Often, transforming the story, intending the symbology and setting free the emotions can move the story

forward to the happy ending.

Classical Chinese medicine utilizes the metaphor, “I am in the universe, and the universe is within me.” Working with the notion of the microcosm, if you are all that there is, and your

body contains the entirety of the universe, it is up to each one of us to find the most beautiful internal landscape and know what that healthy balance can be.

Pristine forest, trickling stream, moss covered rocks, clear blue sky.


Breath deeply.

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