Holistic healthcare addresses the struggles of the physical body, the challenges and patterns of the mental/emotional body as well as encouraging the connection of the individual to a healthy spiritual path.  This process is centered around deeply listening to the patient’s story and being receptive to what is presented in order to best facilitate their healing.

Skilled holistic practitioners utilize simple tools such as breathwork and the focus of the mind in addition to various tools that incorporate the dynamic triad of the human experience.  This can include medicinal substances such as herbs, minerals, and even pharmaceutical drugs, physical modalities such as hydrotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, craniosacral and other forms of bodywork as well as energetic medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture and hands on healing.

The goal of holistic medicine is to not only improve the presenting troubles of a patient, but ultimately to educate and share tools that can empower a person to be their best self.