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Part 1: Finding the Balance


With daily topics like global warming, political strife and natural disasters it takes a serious effort for anyone to find peace and inner quiet today. For young people who have grown up in the era of media and technology infiltrating many aspects of their lives, anxiety is commonly an everyday feeling.

Historically, I worked with teens and young adults for issues like acne, headaches, growing pains, hormone balance and eating disorders. Today, every single teen and young adult I know complains of anxiety as a primary challenge. Often with this comes the classic swing of the pendulum of struggling with depression as well.   According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 25% of teens have diagnosable anxiety disorders. This is a significant increase from previous generations and does not include low grade anxiety or social anxiety, which are even more common.

What ever happened to carefree childhoods and wanting to stay forever young? Nowadays it seems the urgency to grow up to better cope with the apocalyptic dilemma’s that circulate everyday life robs our youth of the freedom to explore their hearts desire and contributes to an all too common emotional instability.

It is not all external factors either. The more we learn about brain development and neurological balance, the more we recognize increasing challenges with the pathways in our brain that reduce neurological stimulation. There are numerous substances we consume or are exposed to that provoke brain excitability that can cause an anxious feeling to linger a lot longer than it should. Some people being far more vulnerable to these than others.

Now more than ever, we all need help finding ways to access our peaceful, joyous selves. We need something that will bring us out of the flurry of worries, fears and anticipations and into a calm present moment. Tools we can use for momentary stressful events that provoke anxiety as well as routines we can establish in our lives to cultivate our happiness.

Integrative medicine provides a unique lens to address mental health concerns. Utilizing tools from standard, allopathic healthcare in addition to traditional systems from around the world offering a diverse approach to balance health. The first goal of understanding the symptom is to identify the cause. This is the key to providing immediate relief and long term changes. Both physical exam diagnostic tools and lab testing can help reveal which organs of the body may be experiencing distress to contribute to feelings of uneasiness. For young people this is especially important so that interventions are supporting the long term health as the body grows.

Stay tuned as this 4 part series addresses youth anxiety and is intended to provide a resource for the community to discover new ways to find a peaceful center while moving through the chaos of the modern world.

If you or someone you love are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, get help today with integrative medicine. At Stillwater, we encourage the combination of psychotherapy and natural medicine tools as well as collaboration with western medical providers for pharmaceutical support as needed. Our goal is to make use of the best of all systems of healing to get patients the balanced care they need for today, as well as for a healthier future.


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It’s 2016, and unless you live in Oregon, Washington or Vermont, your insurance based healthcare is NOT going to keep you well.

As much as I cringe at the analogy of our bodies being like cars, people inevitably think of themselves that way all the time.  The squeeky wheel gets ignored until it’s a screaming or debilitating pain.

We pay for car insurance and know it’s going to be there when we crash (after paying our deductible).  But, we don’t expect car insurance to wash our windows, vacuum the interior, change the tires, the oil, the belts or even cover our annual tune-ups to see how things might be deteriorating within.

Health insurance is not much different in most states.  It will help out with emergency room visits, and sometimes cover basic screenings for life-threatening illnesses (PAPs, prostate exams and mammograms for cancer, bone density screenings for osteoporosis, etc…)  And it usually covers an annual exam to check for hypertension, monitor growth and BMI and provide medications that treat the symptoms.

Unfortunately, our current medical model misses out on how to keep people healthy.  While pharmaceutical medications are necessary in many circumstances, supporting health naturally so we don’t need them or improving health while we’re on them so we only need them short-term is ideal.  It’s no fault of modern Doctors, its the larger systems emphasis on drugs and surgery as the only medicinal tools.

Most of the current drug safety information is based on short-term controlled trials and the harm of utilizing medications is always acknowledged in their litany of side effects.  As research continues, we learn of previously unknown harmful effects from long-term or combined medication use. 

Fortunately, humans have been living a very long time and we have an immense history of health and vitality to learn from traditions around the world.  Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American medicine, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophical medicine, Western herbalism and the European Eclectic physicians are among my favorites.

With Naturopathic medicine, we are able to address the foundation of imbalances and improve our health over time from a truly integrated perspective.   It’s the journey of a lifetime, not a one stop shop!  With ancient systems, we learn what our bodies need, where are weaknesses are and how to improve ourselves day by day.  With modern science we get detailed information on changes and stats of organ function.  Naturopathic medicine is the most comprehensive medical training in holistic medical assessment from both perspectives.  For details on educational curriculum, check this comparison out:  Nat-Med-Ed-Comp-Curricula

At Stillwater, we want to support the community in their long-term health.  Trained as holistic primary care provider, naturopathic doctors work to not only address the current symptoms and diagnosis (working in conjunction with your other physicians, medications and insurance system) but to be your guide and ally in your health journey toward optimal vitality. We believe in making the best use of tools from all systems of healthcare and healing.  It’s 2016, shouldn’t we have it all?

At Stillwater Clinic, we have created a Membership program to provide people with an affordable addition to their routine healthcare costs.  Plans range from $35. per month to $300. depending upon the intensity of need for change.  These rates are significantly reduced from the fee’s of other medical specialists in our effort to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Whether you’re passionate about maintaining the health you’ve got, you recognize your health is lacking by a sense of something’s not right or you have a serious diagnosis contact us to find out which package is right for you.


Stillwater Healing Arts 2016 membership plans include:

BASIC CARE – $35./month or $420./year ($580. value)

  • Annual integrative medicine health evaluation & treatment plan
  • 3 acute care appointments 
  • 6 spa visits (foot spa & sauna)

This package is intended for individuals who have good health, who wish to keep it that way with annual evaluations of what’s going on under the surface and some tune-ups along the way. For pediatric patients, spa visits can be utilized by parents!

INTERMEDIATE CARE – $65./month or $780./year ($1060. value)

  • Seasonal integrative medicine health evaluation & treatment plan
  • 3 acute care appointments
  • 6 spa visits (foot spa & sauna)

This package is intended for individuals who have mild symptoms and want to support the annual rhythm of their health with 4 quarterly Naturopathic and Chinese medicine evaluations and treatment plans. Ideal for individuals with low-grade or controlled health issues such as; allergies, headaches, intermittent digestive challenges, PMS, controlled autoimmune disease, cancer relapse prevention, and others.

TREATMENT FOCUSED PLAN – $140./month or $1680./year ($2360. value)

  • Annual integrative medicine health evaluation & treatment plan
  • Twice monthly treatment sessions (Acupuncture, Bodywork or Hydrotherapy)
  • Monthly spa visits with the foot spa and private sauna use.

This package is suited for individuals who may be in optimal health but utilize their bodies intensively and want to keep things tip-top, such as; athletes, performers, dancers, yoga instructors, builders, farmers and those who know the personal value of routine care. It also serves patients who have chronic health challenges that know what they need. For example, ADD/ADHD treatment, emotional health with 5-element acupuncture or chronic pain. This is also the package recommended for macular degeneration treatment.

COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE PLAN – $175./month = $2100./year ($3060. value)

  • Monthly comprehensive integrative medicine appointments
  • Monthly spa visits – foot spa and private sauna use
  • 6 Additional acute illness or injury appointments

This package is suited towards individuals with uncontrolled health challenges who are in need of comprehensive evaluation and treatment. This commitment will be necessary for successful treatment of conditions such as; menopausal transition, adrenal fatigue, infertility, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, obesity, heart disease, diabetes. This package serves as the foundation for natural cancer treatment support, chronic infectious disease treatment and chronic degenerative conditions such as Parkinsons, MS, auto-immune disease and dementia. However, more support may be necessary depending upon diagnosis and evaluation.

INTENSIVE TRANSFORMATION – $300./month = $3600./year ($5520. value)

  • Monthly comprehensive integrative medicine visit
  • Weekly treatment sessions (Acupuncture, Bodywork or Hydrotherapy)
  • Twice monthly spa visits – foot spa and private sauna use

This package is designed to help individuals who are ready to make dramatic changes to their health. Ideal for those with undiagnosed medical conditions, at a place of significant life change, extreme symptomology, chronic pain or addiction. This program serves as the foundation of our holistic mental health & addiction program as well as our weight loss program.

All Programs Include:

  • 20% discount on additional appointments.
  • Email and phone support with our holistic Doctor.
  • Annual Membership – automatic payment required with 12 month contract.
  • We can customize any plan to meet your needs, budget, family and employee packages.
  • Member discounts for special events, classes and other programs as well.

Schedule today and we’ll get the right package created for you!

Questions?  Feedback?  Curiosity?  I’d love to hear from you!

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We have more mircro-organisms in our bodies than our own human cells.  This never ceases to amaze me!

As I move into my 2nd decade of working with patients, the importance of digestion on our overall health can not be overstated.  Many people who experience gas and bloating chalk it up to ‘beans the musical food’ and assume it’s commonality means normality.  What they don’t realize is that gas is the outcome of a festive event of creepy crawly yeast and bacteria who’s respiration results in our gas.  The more organisms are reproducing, the more gas we’ll experience.  The more gas we’re experiencing, the more inflammation and impaired nutrient assimilation we’ll experience.  The outcome of this can be any number of symptoms.  Some common experiences include:

  • migraine and tension headaches
  • acne and eczema
  • body pain including back & neck pain
  • mood dysregulation – irritability, depression
  • fatigue
  • abdominal pain
  • respiratory illness and frequent colds

Long term, organism overgrowth plays a part in many chronic diseases including; fibromyalgia, nutrient deficiencies, auto-immune diseases, cancers, atherosclerosis, chronic pain and many more.

Tending to our micro-flora is something that needs to be done on a routine basis.  In traditional cultures, organisms were consumed every day with produce fresh from the earth and foods preserved with culturing such as sauerkraut, kimchee and chutneys.

Today our foods are “cleaned” to the extend that their sterility impairs us.  Without a continuous source of microbes in our systems, we’re even more vulnerable to infectious organisms.  This in addition to our high sugar and processed food diets results in lots of organism parties, and lots of gas!

Adding beneficial microorganisms to the daily routine is the #1 most important thing you can do to create health in the digestive system as well as throughout the body.

May 22nd, Water Kefir Instruction and Distribution!

My all time favorite health routine is the brewing of water based kefir.  This amazing bubbly probiotic beverage is a great way to ensure adequate micro-flora as well as to address organism imbalance.

Join me at 5:30 for instructions and your own starter for a lifetime supply of digestive health.  I will have a variety of recipes to sample as well as information on why this is an essential addition to you and your families routine.

Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic, 304 Main St. Unit C, Lyons, CO 80540.

Call 303-823-9355 to register.  Space is limited, but this class will repeat when I have enough to share.Image

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Whether you are a new Mom, a Mom to be or a healthcare professional hoping to offer new tools to support Moms and families, I invite you to join me for an informative and explorative group.

We will explore different aspects of life and the human body that are challenged during the amazing process of childbirth and explore ways to support them.

The adrenal glands – how to naturally restore the body and support baby’s growth
The heart connection – allowing the love to flourish and maintaining openness
The digestive system – nourishment for the whole family, meeting many needs
The nervous system – establishing routine to create a peaceful, happy environment

When: This class will take place on Friday 12/9 from 12pm to 3pm
Location: Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic,  2516 Broadway Street, Boulder, CO
Cost: Sliding scale $30-60. pay what you can afford.

For information and to register, please contact Dr. Hart by;
phone: 303-351-1152
email: dr.sarahart@gmail.com
visit: http://www.harthealingarts.com
schedule: www.schedulicity.com

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We all know sweets have an effect on us, especially on kids.  It’s something we joke about and prepare for after watching children go wild gobbling them up, only to prepare for their crash.  While it’s completely socially acceptable and relished to indulge in sweets, the body is getting a lot more to deal with than we expect.

Given our current epidemic diagnosis of ADD, ADHD (over 5 million) and other sensory processing disorders (1 in 20) in the US we ought to consider what’s going into our children today.  And these are just a few of the problems…

RED 3 Candy, Desserts, Baked Goods 241,265 260,851 Thyroid tumors
FDA tried & failed to ban it
RED 40 Beverages, Candy, Desserts, Pet Food 2,630,578 6,541,368 Lymphomas
(lymph tumors)
Banned in
(European Economic Community)
BLUE 1 Beverage, Candy, Baked Goods 260,417 1,802,634 Chromosomal
Banned in France,
BLUE 2 Pet Foods, Candy, Beverages 101,223 642,246 Brain tumors Banned in Norway
(pending FDA hearing)
GREEN 3 Beverages, Candy 3,597 13,747 Bladder tumors Banned in
YELLOW 5 Pet Food, Beverages, Baked Goods 1,620,540 4,231,420 Allergies, Thyroid tumors, Lymphocytic lymphomas, Chromosomal
Banned in Norway
YELLOW 6 Beverages, Candy, Desserts, Sausage 1,530,050 4,156,408 Allergies, Kidney tumors, Chromosomal
Banned in Norway,
    Total 6,392,670 17,648,674 Since the 1985 effort to
ban them, their use has
INCREASED 300%. Are you
very surprised we are losing
the “war on cancer?”

Excerpt taken from the report, “Diet, ADHD & Behavior, A Quarter-Century Review”:

Following more than two decades of research on food dyes and hyperactivity, an important 2004 meta-analysis concluded that
“our results strongly suggest an association between ingestion of [synthetic food dyes] and hyperactivity.”1
The most important new research was funded by the British government. Those two studies, unlike previous ones, involved a cross-section
of young children instead of children selected because their parents suspected their behavior was impaired by food ingredients. In one of the studies, University of Southampton researchers tested two mixtures of several food dyes (some of which are used in the United States), as well as a placebo, over a six-week period.2 (The preservative sodium benzoate
was also included, though there was no reason to think it affected behavior.) The study involved 153 3-year-olds and 144 children 8 to 9. One of the two mixtures significantly affected the younger children, while both mixtures adversely affected older children who consumed the additives as directed. The researchers’ concluded that “Artificial colours or a sodium benzoate preservative (or both) in the diet result in increased hyperactivity in 3-year-old and 8/9-year-old children in the general population.”
The editors of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal, AAP Grand Rounds, stated: “Thus, the overall findings of the study are clear and require that even we skeptics, who have long doubted parental claims of the effects of various foods on the behavior of their children, admit we might have been wrong.”3

1. Schab DW, Trinh N-H T. “Do artificial food colorings promote
hyperactivity in children with hyperactive syndromes?” A meta-analysis
of double-blind placebo-controlled trials. J Dev Behav Pediatr.
2. McCann D, Barrett A, Cooper A, et al. “Food additives and
hyperactive behaviour in 3-year-old and 8/9-year-old children in the
community: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial.”
Lancet. 2007 Nov 3;370:1560-7.
3. Editor’s note in Schonwald A. “ADHD and food additives revisited.”
AAP Grand Rounds. 2008;19:17.

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Every phase of life has its joys and its challenges.  As we grow through childhood, adolescents and into adulthood, our needs change quicker than our shoe size.  Throughout adulthood, the phases may seem less obvious, but the necessity of acknowledgement may come through dramatic symptoms, perilous struggle or the subtle recognition that something is now different that it once was.

As we grow and change, the mysteries of the body and life often present themselves with new sensations and challenges.  While it is appropriate to do our best with diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy routine, what has worked for one era of our lives may not be the best for the next.

Supporting health means recognizing the needs of each phase of life and making appropriate changes to tend to them all.  Many of our modern traditions of diet, socializing, and leisure activities include things that ultimately form obstacles to our overall health.  Without insight into the effects of our daily routine on our health, we are likely paving the way for becoming part of the statistics on health in the US.  With the majority of the population developing cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disease, it is not likely that we can do what we’ve always done and expect a better outcome.

The model of holistic care works to understand the subtleties of health.  Observing the details of life’s progression, our individual changes are significantly important.  Some symptoms that arise may seem like minor inconveniences but may truly be an indicator of a deeper imbalance. Recognition of these changes can allow us to work toward correction before overt disease has a chance to develop.  Additionally, working as primary care for chronic disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions, etc… holistic medicine can ensure that the right balance of nutrients and eliminatory support is happening with the pharmacological interventions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Relying on the science of western medicine, the wisdom of ancient traditions as well as the insight of listening to each patient’s individual story, Naturopathic Doctors are well-equipped holistic primary care physicians.  Beginning with the most simple changes in lifestyle and then implementing natural medicine secondarily, relying on allopathic medicine lastly, we are often able to shift physiology back to it’s optimal function without the need for drugs or surgery.  However, when this is the case, we are able to assess the labwork, order prescriptions or make the appropriate referrals as needed.

For more information about Naturopathic Doctors, visit the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at www.naturopathic.org.  For all of your primary care needs from annual physical exams to treating colds, flus, allergies as well as serious illness, come visit us at Kwan Yin Healing Arts.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, licensed Acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist, I work to support optimizing individual health through exploring the overt and subtle issues of each person I treat.  I utilize bodywork and guided imagery for stress and pain management; prescription therapy of nutrients, herbs, drugs and intravenous therapy to change physiology; and rely upon homeopathy and acupuncture to balance the energetic aspect of each unique individual.  I greatly appreciate each opportunity to witness an individual’s health progression unfold and look forward to assisting your journey.  For more information or for a free 15 minute consultation, contact myself at sararynhart@yahoo.com or schedule with me at Kwan Yin Healing Arts.

Dr. Sara Hart


More information available at:  http://www.kwanyinhealingarts.com/pactitioners/dr-sara-hart-nd-lac-lmt

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